Client Services & Capabilities


Woman-Owned Government Subcontracting Services

JCS is currently providing services throughout the United States through various direct and subcontracting relationships. We are a results-driven organization focused and working tirelessly on exceeding expectations of our three primary constituents:

  • Government agency customers and partner contract holders.
  • Professional providers in our network.
  • Service-members and their families that are touched by our service providers.


Our Professionals

We refer highly qualified professionals for a range of state and federal programs designed to promote physical, social, economic, emotional and mental health. Explore our site to learn more about our company and our services.

  • Social Workers
  • Mental Health Workers
  • Psychologist & Psychiatrist
  • Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Nurses & Nursing Assistants
  • Special Education Teachers & Aides
  • Behavioral Specialists & Analysts
  • Marriage & Family Life Counselors (MFLC)
  • Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapists
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Professional)
  • Counselors & Call Center Workers
  • Direct Care Workers & Residential Aides
  • 621-017 Psychiatrist
  • 621-018 Psychologist
  • 621-025 RN General
  • 621-025 RN Psychiatric
  • 621-025 RN Emergency Room
  • 621-025 RN Geriatric
  • 621-025 RN Case Manager
  • 621-031 Speech Language Pathologist
  • 621-035 Physical Therapist
  • 621-037 Occupational Therapist
  • 621-038 Licensed Practical Nurse
  • 621-040 Cert/Reg Nurse Assistant
  • 621-047 Social Worker – Masters
  • 621-047 Social Worker – Bachelors
  • 621-047 Social Worker – Licensed
  • 621-047 Counselor – Masters
  • 621-047 Counselor – Bachelors
  • 621-047 Psychiatric Technician
  • 621-047 Mental Health Counselor

We’ve demonstrated a commitment to providing qualified professionals to support the programs we serve and the delivery of high quality care.

What We Offer Our Client Partners

Our internal staff are experienced professionals in government contracts, staffing for mental health services and behavioral health professionals.

  • A broad registry of behavioral healthcare professionals at our disposal.
  • Dedicated military credentialing group with in-depth understanding of the different government branches and locations’ credentialing requirements.
  • Responsive recruitment team able to quickly identify specialized professionals from our registry or through our recruiting process.
  • 24-hour service & non-standard work schedule for program administrators and staff to ensure that you have access to support at any time.
  • Proven track record as a reliable subcontract partner.

Program Management & Expertise

Our effectiveness is based on our distinction as behavioral health, mental health, psychology and social service recruiters, not just human resource recruiters. We meet the niche qualifications required to effectively support these state and federal programs (such as, Military One Source and MFLC).

  • Routine clinical and educational credentials (i.e., Master’s, licensed mental health practitioner).
  • Routine military provider credentials (i.e., cultural understanding, treating TBI and PTSD, recruiting in hard-to-fill areas, passing clearances).
  • Team culture of creative, approachable, and proactive; tactics-driven.
  • Technology capabilities tested and able to meet Client specific needs.

We therefore view recruitment of the right people as a key part of our effectiveness in increasing usage rates and subsequently, enhancing family readiness. All the recruitment functions and programs we cited above enable this. Contract renewals reflecting expansions on the client side and 98% retention rates on the provider side indicate that we’re making good matches.

Large-Business Solutions In Our WOSB

JCS has a number of program management systems and tools traditionally found only in large businesses. Our existing infrastructures facilitate implementation and ongoing program management, so that our program management team can focus on supporting and improving service delivery, not contractual elements. Particular notes to this effort are:

  • Dedicated military recruitment team, led by a retired Army Recruitment Manager who also worked for the Army Recruiting Service.
  • Military Background Check Unit, that is intimate with military credentialing requirements.
  • Proprietary Contract Management System that enables us to manage multiple clients, client sites and multiple client requests – all akin to multiple T.O. management. The relations management database captures specific requirements for each T.O., including PRS and deliverables; as well as each Base and Unit (historical issues, other demographics and characteristics). Components of the relational database also support staffing with search capabilities as robust as the most sophisticated on the market today.
  • Compliance Officer (separate from the Program Director): This ensures meeting performance requirements and deliverables per the contract. It also serves as an auditor to ensure processes are working as they should at all times.
  • Other Risk Management Procedures and Tools. Risk management includes weekly goal development and monitoring to ensure we meet program effectiveness goals. We conduct a monthly partnership review of established goals to ensure we can ultimately meet contract-level program effectiveness goals.

JCS Military Support Services’ partnership arrangements include outreach events, post-deployment assistance programs, PTSD-related counseling, and military base imbedded counseling programs to staffing military treatment facilities.